Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sarah's Table & Chairs

For Sarah's birthday I made her this table and chairs. Despite being very easy and cheap to make, they are very sturdy. I've sat at that table quite a few times with no issues at all.

Once again I used Ana White's building plans. Here is the plan for the table, and here is the plan for the chairs

I used these colors:

Table top: Stained with Minwax dark walnut stain. I used Polycrylic for the top coat.

Table legs: Painted with satin Heirloom White (Rust-Oleum). I really like this color and use it a lot when spray painting, so I had Home Depot color match it with Behr paint. 

Chairs: Spray painted with Krylon's satin Catalina Mist. I've found that I like Rust-Oleum's Painter's Touch spray paint much better than the Krylon spray paint I used. Rust-Oleum paint gets much better coverage.

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  1. love it! your kids are too cute :)

  2. You have some seriously lucky kids! Their things are so beautiful!

    Good to know about the spray paint preference too. Thanks for that.

  3. So sweet! loving that pretty aqua paint on the chairs--I know your children love their new spot to be creative. Great job!

  4. Oh it's adorable! Perfect for little hands & feet! :)

  5. absolutely LOVE your table and chairs and the play kitchen in the background! Nice job on color selection too- too perfect!

  6. Did you use one solid piece for the top? If not, do the three planks create a seamless look/feel and did you need a lot of wood filler in between? We are trying to make the same for my son for Christmas. Thanks!!

  7. No, it's not one solid piece, but it looks like it. I just made sure I got nice straight wood and kreg jigged it in 5-6 spots. I didn't have to use any filler. I think as long as you get a little nicer wood (mine is still pine) you should be fine. Good luck!!