Sunday, January 29, 2012

Entryway Bench How-To

When I met my husband, Eric, in high school he informed me he belonged to a "band". My husband was the lead "guitarist". The reason I used the quotation marks is because the band never had any gigs, never practiced, and I'm not sure all of them even owned an instrument. Anyway, one of the other members of the band, Big Brad (there's a Little Brad too), who was initially the "manager" and later promoted to "lead singer", not only went to high school with Eric, but they also roomed together in college AND they moved across the country to go to the same medical school. The reason I share this is that I feel like I've known Brad for a long time and consider him one of my good friends. Eric and I got married before moving to Milwaukee, while Brad was still a bachelor. Brad met his sweet wife during medical school, and I was a little nervous meeting her for the first time because I knew if they were to get married we'd be seeing a lot of her. Not just during medical school but for the rest of our lives. Fortunately we clicked immediately, and she became one of my best friends. I love her like a sister. I got a request from her over the weekend to post a tutorial on our entryway bench. So naturally it moved up to the top of the priority list. Here you go, Jana.

I have used for most, if not all of the furniture I've made for our home.

Here is the link for the plans to this bench.
I picked this bench because our entryway isn't very big and this was small enough that I didn't have to make any alterations to the size.

Ana makes it easy by giving you a shopping list, cut list, and pictured directions. It really makes it doable for anybody.

We don't have a large vehicle so I have Home Depot make enough cuts for me to be able to fit the pieces into my car. If I'm doing a project when it's cold outside I like to have them cut it all. I hate spending time out in our garage making cuts when it's so darn cold!

Ana has the shopping list and cuts on her site so I won't repeat that, but I always come up with a plan on what cuts need to be made to each board prior to going to the store. For some reason when I shop at Home Depot I always feel a little overwhelmed, get a little distracted and as a result can't think as clearly. I'd like to think it's because I have two kids in tow demanding attention. However, I was there on Saturday without the kiddos, and I don't think the kids are completely to blame. Anyway, also make sure you have nails, wood glue, and wood putty.

Another reason I liked making this bench is because it's put together by nails instead of screws so there was no predrilling/countersinking needed.

Refer to the diagrams on Ana's site on how to assemble the bench.

Once nailed together I used a nail set. They are cheap and look like this:

The reason you want to use this is so that you can hammer finish nails below the surface of the wood, to allow for wood putty to be applied. You use it like so.

After the nails are below the surface, you then can putty, sand, and paint your bench.

In Ana's bench plan there is a ledge on the bottom shelf created by the two 1"x2" boards. I didn't want that ledge so I lowered the bottom 1"x2" boards so that they would be flush with the shelf that holds the basket. As pictured below. (You may need to refer to the plans to completely understand what I'm talking about.)

I also added trim around the base to beef it up a bit. I put in on the sides and front:

If you are needing a bench and are a beginner builder this is a great place to start!

This bench cost about $40 in lumber. I had the wood filler, sandpaper, and paint on hand. I also bought the baskets from Target for around $10 to $12 dollars a piece.

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  1. It has inspired me to build one for my entry way.

    1. You can do it! You can DO IT! (That's Ryan's favorite saying these days.) :)

  2. Charming those baskets!!!


  3. About how much do you think you spent on this?

    1. Hi Rachel, I spent about $40 on lumber, then you have to think about wood filler, sandpaper, and paint which I had on hand. The baskets were from Target and cost about $10 to $12 each. Hope this helps!

  4. This is just too cute! I love multi-purpose items like this! Plus, it's an inspiration to get building! :-)

    I'd love if you would link up your project to my new link party.

    Mauvin' Monday

    Jessica, your new Linky follower.

  5. Hi Kristi!! Saw this on Skip to My Lou Link Party and had to check your post out!! So glad I found your blog!!

    I just love the bench! Great work!! What type of lumber did you use? Pine or something else?

    I am your newest follower. Please come visit my blog and say hello. I love visitors and comments! Lets keep in touch with GFC and LF!

    Have a great week!

    Heather @

    1. Hi Heather! I just used pine for the bench. Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi"!

  6. Your bench looks fabulous! Great work!

  7. Nicely can build one for my entry way when you have some spare time! ;)

  8. So cool! That would look great in my entryway! Thanks for sharing at Dwell on Fridays!

    1. Hi there! Featuring your project at Dwell on Fridays tomorrow! Come grab a button!

    2. Awesome!! I will certainly stop by again!

  9. That is so awesome!! I am amazed at your can do spirit. I would not have thought to get stuff pre cut at the lumber yard. I really think I could do this if I can get a hold of those patterns you use. Thank you for the post. I saw you at Chatty Chics!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You can definitely do this! :)

  10. Great bench, looks like something right out of a pottery barn catalogue. I like the cute little signs too.

  11. Seriously. You ALWAYS have the best projects. I'm in awe of your talent and skills, Kristi. So glad you linked this up at Mop It Up Mondays last week. This is a beautiful bench...would be perfect for my entryway!!
    The new party should be up shortly! Hope you can stop by and link up some more amazingness!


  12. Stopping by from the Girl Creative Blog Hop!

  13. Love it! Such a great job! You have the greatest projects!

  14. Hello! I stumbled on your blog as I was searching for DIY benches. What a beautiful job you did with yours! I checked the Ana-white website, and have a question about the shopping list. It calls for 4 - 1"x2" length 8', but with my calculations, shouldn't we only need 3 (I basically just added up the lengths of all the required cuts)? Or am I missing something? I am very new at this, so if I am missing the obvious, please excuse my ignorance. I would really appreciate your input on this.

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  16. Don't buy a very deep and very tall entry bench with coat storage cubbies if your entry is a long, very narrow hall. You'll feel dwarfed and cramped along side it.

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