Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Downstairs Bathroom


When we moved into our house we felt this was one room that wouldn't need any work. The paint color was fine, and it had great tile, sink and cabinets. We just wished our upstairs bathroom was as nice. It had two double towel bars which I felt was a bit excessive but it looked nice. Anyway, a short while after living here, the towel rod closest to the shower came out of the wall. I was just going to patch it and place a better anchor in the wall but it wasn't that easy...

I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but it broke a large hole in the sheet rock. Still fixable but a bit trickier. Also, there were a couple other problems we ran into: there wasn't a stud close enough to the shower to attach the rod to and when I tried another anchor it started pulling out of the wall as well. So...


Here is the solution we came up with.

I installed the board and batten prior to starting this blog so unfortunately I don't have any "during" pictures. From this angle the bathroom looks OK, minus the paint that needed touch up. The previous owners left us some leftover paint from the various rooms, but there wasn't any for this room. Truthfully, I didn't mind because I like switching things up and I had some extra paint from an upstairs room. And since I was going to paint, I decided now was the time to tackle the trim as well.

Here is the view from inside. Not too pretty next to that nice white board and batten. The trim around the door also has some wood putty that I had used on some unfilled nail holes.

It's so much easier to paint trim prior to painting the wall. Instead of cutting in twice, you can just quickly slop the paint on the trim then cut in with your brush when you paint the walls.

This is about the time I blew out my outlet. I shared that experience here.

And here is the bathroom all painted.

There are still several things I'd eventually like to do, including painting the door and the cabinets and adding some wall art/decor. But for now this will have to do.