Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hiding an Eyesore

I'd been wanting to put something on this wall in our kitchen because it was in need of some color/personality.
But as you can see, that darn phone jack was in the way, and I was having a hard time finding something the right size and shape to cover it. I considered trying to make something like this:

I figured I could place one of these cute boxes over the phone jack. However, I was a little worried about having three different colored woods in the small space (our wood floor is dark, the table is grayish). So I decided to go a different route by using a different material. I'm signed up to get a deal a day through WUSLU. I saw a set of three of these about a month ago, and I decided it would be a nice addition to the kitchen.

Here they are filled and on the wall.


  1. Nice fix. They look great.

  2. Hi: I am having the same problem, where did you find these?

    1. I found them off this internet site:
      They post a new item a day. If you keep your eye out they might sell them again.