Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Makin' Me Shutter

That is shudder...get it? My old shutters made me shudder? I know, I know, cheesy but I couldn't help it. Anyway, here is how the exterior of our house looked when we bought it. I wasn't digging the maroon shutters and door. Not only were they maroon, but they looked dingy and faded from the sun. I initially looked into replacing the shutters, but then thought I could try something that would be much, much cheaper.

Yep, I decided to try spray paint. I was skeptical, but since I had nothing to loose I thought it would be worth a try. First, I removed the shutters from the house, cleaned and dried them, then painted with Rust-Oleum Plastic spray paint. It took a few light coats on each shutter from lots of different angles. I am so happy with the end results particularly the money we saved.

Here is our house with the shutters and door updated (I'll do a post on painting our door later.)

I was unsure how well the paint would hold up over the winter. However, they look the same as they did when I sprayed them last summer. We had a mild winter this year so we'll see how they look after a "real" Minnesota winter. I really expected to have to touch them up due to peeling paint but there is no need. 

Here is a close up picture of how they look now.


  1. Its amazing what a can of spray paint can do. Your house is looking really good:)

  2. GREAT job!!! Your home looks so much fresher and updated. Love it!

  3. That black made a huge difference. I don't think I would have noticed the maroon, but the black stands out and looks really classy. Sweet!